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Welcome to my Art's and Craft page.

I will be uploading all sorts of arts, crafts and photography including work from my Art Group and also some of my own work

About Aimee's Friday Art Group

The aim of this art group is to bring people together, share ideas, techniques, socialise, make art/crafts and have fun.
I truly believe that art make a significant contribution to improving lives, health and well being.

Many people’s lives are enhanced by the arts. The arts are enjoyed and valued as part of our personal well being and development, and as part of community life. Through the arts we can express and fulfil ourselves, and engage with other people in ways that other forms of communication do not offer.

Where and When 

The Art  group will begin at 10:00 and run for 2 hours every Friday in the Artisans Collective, old Library, Prestatyn. Tea and coffee will be supplied, toilets are situated upstairs (Disabled toilets are located off site opposite Ty Nant council building), Any age/ability welcome.

Fee £3 per 2 hour session which includes tea or coffee.

What we do during Art Group sessions

Over the 3 years that the group has been running we have covered many topics and created many beautiful and interesting pieces including 2 calendars and outdoor artwork for Voluntary Arts week and Prestatyn Flower show. 

  • Sessions Topics- Imaginative, landscape, seascape, portrait, still life, working from photographs (preferably your own).
  • Experimenting with different techniques, paints, fabrics, modroc, glass, pastels, marbeling, mixed media and more.
  • Sharing skills/techniques etc
  • show & tell (help with idea building)
  • Art  idea sessions. this is to highlight anything that the group may want to try out.
  • Gallery visits and outdoor painting
  • Look at local Artists and invite them to the group for a session and to show us their work/craft
  • If you have your own project  and want to do that you are more than welcome to

All sessions that i set themes/projects to are only ever a suggestion,if  you are working on a piece and want to continue that please feel free to do so. The group has a wide range of artists from absolute beginners to more experienced, we help and guide each other and only give constructive advice and criticism when asked. 

No experience needed, friendly help is always provided.

Phone Aimee 07541039703 or email aimeesfridayartgroup@gmail.com

News - Updates
  • Art group 3rd Anniversary

    Wow on this date (16/01/2015)3 yrs ago was my very first Art group session, I was so nervous I hardly slept! We are now turning 3 and the things we have achieved, the Art & Crafts that we have created and the improvement of health and wellbeing through our Art we have achieved if far beyond what I imaged we would do.I'm so proud of my group of our members past & present. I look forward to the future and meeting new members. I feel that these amazing individual don't stay members for long because we all become great friends! 
    After all it is a community group, a social group that brings everyone together an inclusive Art group for all ages/backgrounds/abilities and more!Thank you all for your support
    #lovetocreate #GetCreative

  • Friday Art Group 2018

    Friday Art group will return on 12th January 2018 10:00-12:00
    at Artisans Collective CIC, Prestatyn Old Library, Nant Hall Road.

    Enjoy the Holidays and we wish you all the best for the new year. 

  • Community Endeavour Awards 2017

     Steve and myself for Artisan's Collective and me as an individual for the work with my Friday Art Group receiving Community Endeavour Awards from the Mayor this evening (11/12/2017), along side of Mens Sheds, Mind Music volunteers and many other community groups and individuals who give up their time to help others. Well done everyone.

  • Please support our amazing Artisans Collective CIC

    To Quote Artisans Collective CIC Community Hub at the Old Library 

     A Month ago we asked people to let us know if there was real tangible support for our activities as a community hub in Prestatyn.It is fair to say that the level of support is staggering. However we have not really got much further in our dealings with Denbighshire County Council.Therefore we have decided that due to the overwhelming support, we are petitioning the current chief executive of DCC to let him see the level of support we have within our locality.We will be adding the fantastic letters of support to the campaign literature when we present the petition to him.Please sign and share, many thanks from all of our users and participants.

  • Visit by Local MP Chris Ruane

    Chris Ruane was impressed by Aimee's Friday Art Group's interpretation of Kerry Darlington's Mad Hatters Tea Party and the charcoal study of Gassed the WWI painting.

    Great to meet the Prestatyn Artisan's Collective who are a talented & inspirational group of volunteers in Prestatyn increasing community participation and reducing loneliness — at Artisans Collective CIC Community Hub at the Old Library Prestatyn.

Please Support Artisans Collective
 Please support our amazing Artisans Collective CIC Community Hub at the Old Library Prestatyn

8 October 2017 · Currently we are operating under the threat of Prestatyn The Old Library, Art Craft and Heritage Centre being sold to a developer.Please could you show your support of us continuing our community related activities in Prestatyn by clicking the link above?Every signature will be used to show community support and may help us a great deal in the near future.

Please go on to on this link below  to sign the petition (if it does not take you there, copy and paste into browser) Thank you